Metal Wars
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suppliers compete. You win.

Metal Wars



Gain the Competitive Edge for Every Job.

Metal Wars is based on the idea that every customer should have free access to all the knowledge within the metal industry. Gone are the days of old-boys club style networking, calling multiple suppliers, and paying too much in the end. No more waiting hours for quotes and wondering if you are receiving the most competitive price. At Metal Wars every supplier competes for every order.

The future of metal buying is today.


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Thank you Metal Wars! Where were you 15 years ago??


Our Promise

With over three decades of experience in the metal sales industry, the staff at Metal Wars fully understands the ins and outs of metal sourcing, purchasing, and selling, which uniquely suits us to provide the best fit of supplier and customer for every job. We promise to provide you with the very best sources for your metal needs in a cost-competitive environment at absolutely no cost.